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When will the request reach me?

Depend on the chosen shipping company and the responsible for the delivery, we provide a group of shipping managers based in major cities, it usually takes 1-3 days for the order to be confirmed.

Is there a delivery outside the country?

Currently, the shipping companies we work with only deliver within the country and a few cities specified in the delivery page.

You can request out-of-country delivery from the store team through WhatsApp providing them with product weight and pricing information for international freight forwarders who are not currently registered in the store.

In the event of a manufacturing defect in the product?

You should read the return policy for return and exchange terms, in the event of a defect on the product, it has been agreed to return, the company's shipping value is calculated, and the freight is returned to the customer. As for the value of the product, it is not calculated for the customer according to the return policy.

I want to order large quantities. Is there a discount?

The store offers a delivery service for orders of large quantities and there is a discount ranging between 10-20% on certain products. You can contact us directly via the contact page and inquire about the quantities.